Occupational therapy assistants appreciate a significantly fulfilling profession working specifically with patients of any age to enable them to develop and create positive aptitudes, restore after damage, deal with a huge number of constant sicknesses and conditions, and enhance their satisfaction drastically in numerous different ways.

Occupational therapy (OT) assistant works under the heading of an occupational therapist to direct patients in recommended remedial exercises and activities, regularly utilizing particular gear, to enable them to accomplish or recuperate their full, autonomous and solid lifestyles regardless of damage or handicap.

While an occupational therapist may analyze and recommend certain medications, occupational therapy assistants are for the most part in charge of specifically working with the patient to accomplish the treatment objectives. It’s imperative to note, OT assistants (or OTAs) are different than OT aides—aides by and large don’t help with activities or treatment.

What does an Occupational Therapy Aide do?

An occupational therapy aide underpins the occupational therapist or potentially the occupational therapist assistant in their job to enable patients to recuperate or enhance their muscle and engine works after damage or sickness. They don’t work specifically with the patient and is regulated by the occupational therapist. They help set up a gear and do different administrative obligations.

Occupational therapy aides additionally play out an assortment of administrative assignments. Occupational therapist aides are not authorized, along these lines by law they are not permitted to play out a wide exhibit of undertakings performed by occupational therapist assistants.


  1. Get ready patients and treatment rooms

  2. Oversee intradepartmental disease control and gear security

  3. Schedule arrangements

  4. Take care of patients’ physical needs

  5. Plan materials for use amid therapy

  6. Process protection printed material

  7. Collect gear

  8. Report the advance, participation, achievements, and demeanors of patients to therapists or bosses

  9. Request and restock supplies

  10. Keep up customer records

How to Become an Occupational Therapy Aide

You commonly require a secondary school confirmation or the comparable. Earlier business related involvement in social insurance would be useful, and a CPR and essential life bolster (BLS) certificate would be profitable to securing a position. Regularly, at work preparing is given that can last from half a month up to a couple of months.

Job description & duties of an Occupational Therapy Aide

An occupational therapy aide is not regularly straightforwardly included with a patient, but rather performs exercises of help under the supervision of a professional therapist. They would set up the patient’s treatment range and collect or set up the therapy gear. On occasion, they may give help to a therapist or assistant with contact protect or wellbeing measures when patients are being exchanged from wheel seats, beds, therapy mats, or therapeutic gear.

At the point when required aides transport customers using wheelchair starting with one place of treatment then onto the next of back to their room. They likewise clean all territories and hardware after the therapy session to anticipate contamination and exchange of ailments. He or she performs administrative undertakings, for example, rounding out protection shapes, planning arrangements, checking stock, and noting telephones when required. An occupational therapy aide can be discovered working in workplaces, healing centers, mind offices, or some are utilized in social help or instructive administrations.


1. Education

The base instruction necessity for an occupational therapy assistant is a two-year partner’s degree. The degree ought to be from a program authorized by the American Occupational Therapy Association. Courses shift by the school, however, will, for the most part, incorporate coursework in science, brain science, kinesiology (the study of development) and an assortment of occupational therapy courses.

2. Training

Frequently, a school that gifts relate degrees will give a formal practicum in which understudies work under the supervision of an authorized occupational therapist. When it is not some portion of the formal educational modules, understudies must organize to acquire this managed preparing independently. The required length of this field work shifts by state, however, is no less than two months in span. The practicum offered in many schools may last longer than least necessities.

3. Licensing and Certification

Graduates must pass the (NBCOT) National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy certification examination. OTAs take the (COTA) Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant exam. When hopefuls have their partner degree, recorded hands on work involvement, and passing COTA exam review close by, they may apply to their state for licensure, which is a verification procedure for the above qualifications.

Necessary Skills and Qualities

Occupational therapy aids require great physical wellness since they will be physically dynamic for a whole work shift. The job additionally requires a lot of persistence and sympathy. These experts are in practically steady patient contact; they should love working with individuals and have the capacity to impart obviously and with suitable class and sensitivity.

Opportunities for Advancement

Since licensure enables occupational therapy assistants to work for OTs just, professional success depends significantly on strong job execution in help of the therapist. Assistants who show that they can be trusted, take after treatment guidelines and give phenomenal care are remunerated with job security, advancements, and higher pay.

Selected training schools for Occupational Therapist Aides

Albeit occupational therapy assistants work under the immediate supervision of occupational therapists, they are very talented restorative experts. They are required to win a partner’s degree and pass the national certification exam before turning into a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA). OT assistants might be found in such offices as schools, doctor’s facilities, nursing homes, psychological wellness offices, and recovery centers.

To be an occupational therapy associate in the United States, you should first win your partner’s degree from one of 175+ occupational therapy assistant projects authorized by the (ACOTE) Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education of the (AOTA) American Occupational Therapy Association. These foundations can be open or private colleges, four-year schools, junior colleges, or specialized universities.

Once the student has gotten an associate’s degree and met the various prerequisites, he or she is qualified to take the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) examination. With a specific end goal to end up plainly an occupational therapy assistant you should pass the NBCOT exam. Occupational therapist training programs incorporate classroom and lab time and give clinical experience and hands on work understanding towards the finish of the course. Most schools have requirements. However, some enable these essentials to be taken in the primary year.

Occupational Therapy Aide Salary/Jobs

Pay rates for occupational therapy OT aides change as indicated by location, business, and hours worked every week. The average cost for basic items fluctuates starting with one geological location then onto the next, and that additionally tends to influence pay rates. The latest investigations led by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) demonstrate that in May 2016 occupational therapist aides found the average of $28,330 every year.