To become an occupational therapist in Oregon, you must first earn a degree from a school that is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) or the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). Then, you must complete a six-month internship or practicum. Next, you must pass the national certification exam and an ethics and law exam.

Occupational therapists (OTs) can expect to make an average salary of $90,720, which amounts to $43.62 per hour and well above the national salary average for OTs. Compared to Washington and Idaho, Oregon has the highest OT salary in the Pacific Northwest. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects this industry to grow 18% by 2028, which is faster than any other occupation. In 2018, Oregon employed 1,360 to 3,130 occupational therapists, and with the estimated growth, the demand for educated occupational therapists will be greater.

Accredited Occupational Therapy Assistant Programs in Albany

Albany is located in the Willamette Valley just east of Corvallis. Occupational Therapists can expect to make an average of $86,867 per year, or around $40 an hour.

This city is home to Linn-Benton Community College, which offers an OT Assistant program. This program is designed to help students develop an understanding of occupational therapy while learning in an innovative environment. The community college follows a hybrid teaching model including classroom learning, lab training, and fieldwork.

Linn-Benton Community College

Degree Type: Associate of Applied Science;
Credit Hours: N/A;
Tuition: $113.46/credit;
Application Due Dates
Prerequisites/Application Requirements: Admission is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Accredited Occupational Therapy Programs in Forest Grove

Forest Grove is located 25 miles west of Portland in Washington County. An occupational therapist can expect to make an average salary of $90,789, which is around $43 an hour.

This bedroom suburb of Portland houses Pacific University, where students can gain an OT doctoral degree. This program prepares students for the National Board of Certification for Occupational Therapists (NBCOT) certification examination.

Pacific University

Degree Type: Doctorate
Credit Hours: 136 over 36 months
Tuition: $37,449/year
Application Deadline: Applications are due December 6 at the latest.
Prerequisites/Application Requirements: