The occupational therapy industry is focused on treating the ill, the injured, or patients with disabilities by utilizing special equipment, or through therapeutic daily activities. Though occupational therapy work may be demanding, it is intrinsically rewarding as you provide care to help patients improve, regain, or develop the skills they need for daily life and work.

In addition to the fulfilling nature of the job, it is also typically a profitable industry. The job outlook for occupational therapists is projected to grow at 18% from 2018 to 2028, with average occupational therapist salaries in the U.S. sitting at $84,270, in 2019. The annual wage of the average occupational therapist in the state of Louisiana is slightly ahead of the national average as of 2020, at $84,622.

The average annual salary of occupational therapy assistants in the U.S. is approximately $60,715 as of 2019, which is well behind the average occupational assistant salary in Louisiana at $69,514. Occupational therapy assistant employment is projected to grow by 31% between 2018 to 2028.

To become an occupational therapist (OT), or occupational therapy assistant (OTA), you must first attend an accredited occupational therapy school. Once you have gained your degree accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education, you must meet the minimum qualifications and pass the NBCOT exam. Each state requires its own license. For the state of Louisiana, you must be licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

Accredited Occupational Therapy Programs in New Orleans

The infamous city of New Orleans, or the “Big Easy,” is known for its unique culture and cuisine. New Orleans is located on the Mississippi River, near the Gulf of Mexico, and is roughly 200 miles from the state of Mississippi. As of 2020, the average occupational therapist salary in New Orleans was $87,690. For certified occupational therapist assistants in New Orleans, the average salary was $58,730, in 2020. There is one accredited school for OTs, and one accredited school for OTAs in New Orleans.

Louisiana State University Health

School of Allied Health Professions
Department of Occupational Therapy
1900 Gravier Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

For more information contact (504) 568-4302 or email

  • Degree Level: The Louisiana State University Health School of Allied Health Professions (LSUHSC) offers a Master’s in Occupational Therapy degree (MOT). The MOT program curriculum accumulates a total of 90 credits for completion.
  • Tuition: Tuition and fees per year for full-time resident graduate students are $12,932.75. Tuition and fees per year for full-time non-resident graduate students are $25,528.50.
  • Application Due Dates: Students must apply through OCTAS, which generally accepts applications between the months of January and March; specific dates may vary by year. Enrollment for the occupational therapy program begins in January, so applications must be submitted to OCTAS a year in advance. Applications to the MOT program at LSUHSC are typically due in early June but are subject to change.
  • Prerequisites/Application Requirements: Students applying for admission to the MOT program must meet the admission requirements that include:
    • Completion of a baccalaureate degree with a cumulative GPA of 2.8, and 3.0 for the required prerequisite courses.
    • Completion of the GRE.
    • 40 hours of documented OT observation hours under the supervision of a licensed occupational therapist.
    • Students must have basic computer literacy skills.

Delgado Community College

Occupational Therapy Assistant Program
615 City Park Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119-4399

For more information contact (504)671-5000. You may also contact the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director Linda Kelly PhD, LOTR, at

  • Degree Level: Delgado Community College offers an Occupational Therapy Assistant Associates of Applied Science degree that results from the completion of 71 credit hours. The program accepts one class per year, starting in the fall and extending for four full-time daytime semesters.
  • Tuition: The cost of attendance for resident students is typically $4,388. Tuition and fees for non-resident students are typically $8,368.
  • Application Due Dates: The application deadline for the program is May 15th.
  • Prerequisites/Application Requirements: Students seeking OTA admissions must possess a high school or equivalent diploma, and have successfully completed all prerequisite general education and required courses with a GPA of at least 2.0 in all college courses. Applicants must also have a minimum of 30 hours of documented observation under the direct supervision of two different licensed occupational therapists.

Accredited Occupational Therapy Programs in Shreveport

The city of Shreveport is located in northwest Louisiana, roughly 213 miles from Little Rock, Arkansas, and 170 miles to Garland, Texas. The city is known for the Sci-Port Discovery Center, which offers hands-on science experiences and an IMAX dome. The average salary for occupational therapists in the city of Shreveport was $81,212, in 2020. There is one school with an occupational therapy program in Shreveport.

Louisiana State University Health

School of Allied Health Professions
Occupational Therapy Department
1501 Kings Highway,
Shreveport, Louisiana 71103

For more information contact Angie Collins, OT Coordinator at (318)813-2950, or email

  • Degree Level: The LSU Health Shreveport Occupational Therapy program offers an MOT degree. The length of the program curriculum typically takes 2.5 years with the completion of 90 semester hours of coursework.
  • Tuition: In a general program overview, the cost of attendance including tuition, books, and fees are typically $31,843.50 for LA residents and $62,548.75 for non-residents. For more information check with OCTAS for annual updates.
  • Application Due Dates: Dates are subject to change by year, but the 2019 OCTAS cycle opens July 18th, with a deadline of September 15th, 2019. Classes begin on May 18th, 2020.
  • Prerequisites/Application Requirements: Student Admission requirements include:
    • A baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA.
    • A minimum 3.2 GPA for all pre-requisite courses.
    • Completion of the GRE within the last 5 years.
    • 40 accumulated observation hours, including 20 hours in a pediatric setting under one pediatric LOTR, and 20 hours in an adult inpatient rehabilitation setting under one adult rehabilitation LOTR.

Accredited Occupational Therapy Programs in Monroe

The city of Monroe, Louisiana is the location of the first Coca-Cola bottling plant, the birthplace of Delta Airlines, and home to Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo. There is one school that offers occupational therapy programs in Monroe. The University of Louisiana offers both an OTA and a MOT bridge program. In 2020, the average salary for occupational therapists in Monroe was $80,788. In 2020, the average salary for a certified occupational therapist in Monroe was $54,108.

University of Louisiana Monroe

College of Health Sciences
Department of Occupational Therapy
Caldwell Hall ULM Campus
700 University Avenue
Monroe, LA 71209

For more information on the OTA program, contact the OTA Program Director Mrs. Jennifer Perodeau at (318)342-1769, or email For more information on the MOT program, contact the MOT program director Dr. Patti Calk at (318)342-5581, or email

  • Degree Level: The University of Louisiana at Monroe offers two degree programs; an OTA as well as a MOT bridge program. The OTA program is five semesters, and results in the accumulation of 75 credit hours. The MOT bridge program includes six academic semesters, and results in the accumulation of 72 credit hours. Both programs include clinical practice or fieldwork.
  • Tuition: The estimated cost of attendance for both tuition and fees for undergraduate students is $9,254 per semester. The estimated per semester cost for graduate students is $9,236 per semester. Tuition and fees are adjusted at the end of each semester and may be subject to additional costs per the program.
  • Application Due Dates: OTA applications are due no later than April 1st at noon. If April first falls on a weekend, applications are due the last school day prior to April 1st. The MOT program applications are due no later than March 1st.
  • Prerequisites/Application Requirements: The OTA admission requirements include transcripts and the completion of required courses. The OTA to MOT bridge program application requirements includes a non-refundable $55 dollar fee, a copy of your transcripts, a statement of professional goals and a resume that includes employment history, as well as three letters of recommendation, and a signed Technology Literacy Self Evaluation.

Accredited Occupational Therapy Assistant Programs in Bossier

The city of Bossier is located in the northwestern region of the state of Louisiana, and is the second most populous city in the Shreveport-Bossier City metropolitan area. The city of Bossier is known for the casino gambling available at its three casinos. In 2020, the average salary for a certified occupational therapy assistant in Bossier was $54,400.

Bossier Parish Community College

Division of Science, Nursing and Allied Health
Occupational Therapy Program
6220 E. Texas St.
Bossier City, LA 71111

For more information, contact the OTA program director, Kelly Brandon, M.S., LOTR, at (318)678-6515, or email

  • Degree Level: Bossier Parish Community College offers an Associate of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree. The program is divided into two sections: the Pre-OTA components (one year to completion), and the program component (18 months to completion). The program should take 2.5 years to complete.
  • Tuition: The cost of tuition and fees per credit is determined by both residency, as well as the total number of credit hours the student takes on. Mandatory fees may also be subject to change or application.
  • Application Due Dates: Applications packets are due April 15th, but may be subject to change per year.
  • Prerequisites/Application Requirements: Students must complete an application packet and turn it in by the April 15th deadline. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to be considered. Applicants must submit 20 hours of observation by two different licensed occupational therapy providers in two different occupational therapy settings.