Being one the most populated state in the north-east of United States, New Jersey has a huge demand for occupational therapists, assistants, and aides. Also, students find it as one of the best places to pursue their career in this profession due to reasons like the high employment level and adequate payment for occupational therapists in the state. Occupational therapy schools in New Jersey thus offer various programs for different jobs related to occupational therapy including bachelor’s, master’s, associates’, doctorate’s or dual degree programs. Dual degree courses are for the students who wish to complete both graduation and post graduation in 5 years. Since, for licensure a candidate must possess a degree from an Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) or American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) approved school, most of the schools in New Jersey are ACOTE accredited. These schools guarantee the all round development of the students by complete theoretical and systematic practical coursework. Just make sure you pick a school that has a good history in terms of enrollments and the coursework. According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics (BLS) May 2017 data, the average salary of an occupational therapist in New Jersey was $94,100 per year, and $45.24 per hour.

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Approved Occupational Therapy Schools In New Jersey

  • Kean University
    Address – 1000 Morris Avenue, Union, New Jersey 07083
  • Stockton College
    Address – 101 Vera King Farris Drive, Galloway, NJ 08205-9441
    Contact No. – 609-652-1776
    Official Website
  • Seton Hall University
    Address – 400 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079
  • Rutgers University- New Brunswick Campus
    Address– 100 Sutphen Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8097

Stepwise Procedure To Become An Occupational Therapist In New Jersey

Enormous opportunities for occupational therapists and high salary in New Jersey are some of the advantages that make this place popular among the students who want to pursue career as an occupational therapist, aide or assistant. According to the report of the Bureau of labor and Statistics, there were 5240 licensed and employed occupational therapists in New Jersey in May 2017. There are different processes to get the licensure in all the states of America. In order to practice in New Jersey, a candidate must have a license issued by Occupational Therapy Advisory Council. Licensure is given on two levels- one is for the occupational therapists and other is for the occupational therapy assistants. While waiting for the exam offered for permanent license one can apply for the temporary license in any of the two levels. For this, individuals are required to work under the supervision of a licensed and registered occupational therapist who holds at least one year of licensure with the state. A special certificate is given to the licensed occupational therapists who have completed the theoretical as well as practical program of the course related to occupational therapy and want to practice with Physical Agent Modalities (PAMS) in New Jersey. If you want to be in this profession in this state, consider the stepwise procedure given below.

Step 1 – Graduation In Occupational Therapy

To become an occupational therapist in New Jersey, first of all it is essential to be a graduate in any of the courses of occupational therapy such as bachelor’s, master’s, associates’ or dual degree from an ACOTE approved school. You can select any from the above list of schools provided.

Step 2 – Complete The Internship Or Practicum

After being a graduate, it is compulsory for the individuals to complete a 24 weeks internship or practicum in order to get the practical knowledge. This has to be done under the supervision of an expert registered occupational therapist.

Step 3 – Gaining The National Certification

Third step to become a certified licensed occupational therapist in New Jersey is to clear the national certification exam offered by the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) and become nationally certified. For this, candidates have to score at least 450 marks in the Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR) exam.

Step 4 – Application For A License In New Jersey

Candidates need to apply for the license by completely filling and properly signing the application form. Submit it with the application fee to the State of New Jersey Occupational Therapy Advisory Council in form of check or money order. Along with this, submission of all the transcripts from previous schools and colleges, verification of certification or score card from NBCOT, verification of licensure from all the states where you practiced earlier are also necessary steps to gain a license.

Step 5 – Maintain The Licensure

After the two year period of licensure, therapists need to pay $160 to renew the license again which is essential for maintenance of the licensure.

Salary Of Occupational Therapists In New Jersey

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average annual and hourly income of occupational therapy professionals was $94,100 and $45.24, respectively in May 2017.

As per, the average annual Salary of OTs is $81,063 (as of September 7, 2018).

Average Salary Of Professionals With Similar Job Titles

Occupational Therapist Outpatient$93,000
Occupational Therapist Rotation$55,000
Occupational Therapist Pediatric Outpatient$93,000
Occupational Therapist Psych$93,000
Outpatient Occupational Therapist$103,000
Occupational Therapist Pediatric$93,000
Occupational Therapist Home Health$102,000
Occupational Therapist Skilled$93,000
Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapy$93,000
Occupational Therapist School$93,000
OT Occupational Therapist Therapy$109,000
Occupational Therapist Acute$93,000
OT Occupational Therapy$111,000
Occupational Therapist Hand$100,000
Occupational Therapist Rehab$93,000

Information Source:

From the above table, we can conclude that the maximum salary in the state of New Jersey was of OT Occupational Therapy (they earned $111,000 per annum) whereas the Occupational Therapist Rotation earned the lowest income, i.e., $55,000.

Annual Median Salaries Of OTs In Different Cities Of New Jersey

Name of the CityAnnual Median Salary
Atlantic City$92,056
East Brunswick$98,939
East Orange$97,521
Jersey City$103,328
New Brunswick$98,939
Perth Amboy$95,813
Toms River$95,872
Union City$103,328
West New York$103,328
West Orange$97,521

Information Source: (as of September 1, 2018)

According to, the cities of Hoboken, Union City, and West New York were best paying cities in NJ with  annual average salary of $103,328. The city that offered minimum salary  was Camden that paid $91,885 per year as on September 1, 2018.