Occupational Therapist Cover Letter

What is a Cover Letter?

While writing a resume the questions that come to the mind of a job seeker is whether to supplement it with a cover letter or not? Will it make a difference? Will it create a positive impression and many such questions. Well, the answer to all of these question is “Yes”. A cover letter still serves the purpose that no other document can.

A cover letter is an introductory letter of application (single-page) that explains the purpose of writing, emphasizes your key skills and seeks a chance to meet the employer for an interview. You cover letter must also give an idea about why you are interested in the job offered and what values you can add to the same.

It is vital that your cover letter must be good enough, else the employer will reject your job application then and there.

Let’s have a look at what are the importance and format of a cover letter and a sample cover letter for an occupational therapist.

Importance of a Cover Letter

Lot of importance is associated with the cover letter.

  • Firstly, It gives you an extra space to write the things that you are unable to write in the resume due to its limited length.
  • It is the first form of communication with the employer.
  • If you have attached the letter, it shows that you have taken some time to research about the company and understand the job requirements and employer’s need. Thus, increases the chance of progression towards the interview.
  • If written properly, the employer may get an idea about your qualities and may find you best, unique, and suitable candidate for the post.

An excellent cover letter is indispensable and makes the hiring manager interested into reading the application and the resume attached with the same.

You must always include a cover letter for any kind of job application unless mentioned explicitly that no cover letter is required.


This is also one of the important things that must be kept in mind while drafting a cover letter. Generally, the first part is an introductory paragraph, second, the main body and the third one is closing paragraph with contact details.

Before the first paragraph, one should always mention the name and address of both the parties. Along with this, refrain yourself from writing ” To whomsoever, it may concern.” Instead, write the name of the recruiter.

Now, in the first paragraph, write about how do you come to know about the job, what are your qualifications, and for what position you want to apply.

In the second part, mention your accomplishment, skills, things you can manage and have managed, fields you have worked in, and awards and honor that were given to you.

Even if you have large breaks in your career, or you are re-entering in the field or relocating yourself, you can explain the reason and such circumstances in a positive way.

The last paragraph which is known as “call to action” part, provides a closure for your message. In this section, confidently request for an interview, and present yourself as the most deserved applicant for the job without overdoing it.

The cover letter, in no case should exceed a single page, and ideally, three paragraphs are considered enough.


1. Use Professional Language

Your letter should look like it is written by a sincere aspirant and therefore, must be written in a professional way. Refrain yourself from using short forms, informal & casual language, etc.

2. Be Concise

While writing the letter, be sure to add only those achievements, skills, qualifications, and experiences that are relevant to the position. Also, don’t repeat the things already mentioned in the resume. You can add a brief about your history, roles, and responsibilities, etc.

Apart from this, don’t forget to include keywords and key phrases like qualification, degree, years of experience, etc., required for the job. As it would be easy for the employer to search your profile from the database with these identifiers.

3. Originality

To get hired, it is necessary that your resume and the cover letter reflect originality. Make your cover letter by yourself. Avoid using templates available online, and don’t give it to someone else to make one for you. Devote some of your time to show off your accomplishments and insert authentic information only.

4. Provide Contact Details

Your contact details must be there in the cover letter as it would be easy for the hiring department to contact you in case you get selected. Even if you are not selected, they may contact you in the future.

5. Provide Details about Attached Documents

You cover letter must contain details about the attached documents like a resume, experience certificate, and other such certificates.

6. Proofread It

As the letter is the part of your first impression on the recruiter, make sure to amend it multiple times before submitting. There may be glitches, errors in grammar, formatting errors, and/or typing mistakes that must be removed. For this, you may take help of your friend or the software that are available online.

Cover Letter Sample

If you are interested in the position of occupational therapist then the cover letter must be drafted according to the role offered. One can not have exactly same cover letter even for any two types of occupational therapist position. There must be at least some difference, as the roles and responsibilities vary for each type of specialization. If you are still confused, then check out the below-mentioned sample cover letter for an entry level occupational therapist.

Ksenya Edward Medos
19/21 Hampton street
Los Angeles 90011
Phone: 987-528-1204
Email ID: edward.kesnya@example.com

October 9, 2015
Richard Wong
Human Resources Manager
New City Hospital
988 Front Road Drive
Boston, MA 01502

Dear Mr. Richard,

I came across your advertisement on the Internet regarding Occupational Therapist post in your hospital. I’m a licensed occupational therapist by the National Board for Certifying Occupational Therapy and would like to apply for the job. My aim is to serve the people using my skills that I acquired during the last 3 years of services in Good Health Clinic.

I have accomplished various tasks and managed many rehabilitation programs. I have also worked closely with old age people and differently-abled children. I developed a management system which reduced the expenditure of the clinic by $1 million.

I believe that my graduation in Occupational therapy along with the honor I received makes me a good candidate for the job. Looking forward to meeting you in person. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Ksenya Edward Medos


1. Achievement Certificates
2. Resume