Maine is the 39th most extensive and 42nd most populous state of the United States of America; thus, there are great chances for occupational therapy aspirants to get an entry in any of the job titles in the state. According to BLS, the average annual and hourly income of occupational therapy professionals in Maine was $65,000 and $31.25 (in May 2015) respectively. Licenses in Maine for different professionals of occupational therapy are issued by the Maine Board of Occupational Therapy Practice. Licensing body may take several weeks or months to issue the license after the complete verification of documents and transcripts.

Occupational therapy schools in Maine offer various courses for different degrees and levels of this field. These programs include bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate’s, associates’ and dual degree programs. Occupational therapy assistants go for associates’ degree while those who want to work as occupational therapists, enroll for bachelor’s, master’s or the dual degree courses. Existing OT professionals can complete the master’s degree in 1 or 2 years, but if someone is a graduate in different stream, then s/he will gain the same degree in 2 or 3 years. Those who want to do both graduation and post-graduation in lesser time period i.e. 5 years can go for a dual degree program. The schools, universities or colleges you choose to make your dream come true should be Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) or American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) approved, as it is the first and the foremost requirement to gain a license in any of the states of the country. Before taking admission in any school, it is essential for the students to have complete knowledge about its past reputation and the number of students enrolled in it in the last 5 years.

To know more about the accredited schools, procedure to become an OT, and the salary figures in different cities of the state of Maine, read below:

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Approved Occupational Therapy Schools In Maine

  • Husson University
    Address– 1 College Circle, Bangor, ME 04401-2929
  • Kennebec Valley Community College
    Address– 92 Western Avenue, Fairfield, ME 04937
  • University Of New England
    Address– 11 Hills Beach Road, Biddeford, ME 04005
  • University Of Southern Maine
    Address– PO Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104

Stepwise Procedure To Become An Occupational Therapist In Maine

High salary and population in the state result in enormous job opportunities for occupational therapy aides, assistants, and therapists. According to the data of the Bureau of Labor and Statistics there were 820 employed and licensed occupational therapists in May 2015, in Maine. Like every other state of America, Maine too has a distinctive procedure to gain licensure. Maine Board of Occupational Therapy Practice takes the responsibility to issue license in the state. License is offered at two levels, one for occupational therapy assistants and other for occupational therapists. While waiting to sit for permanent licensure exam, you can apply for a temporary license in any of the two levels. Those who want to gain licensure in Maine have to follow the following procedure for it –

Step 1 – Graduation From An ACOTE Certified School In Occupational Therapy

First condition of the licensing board in Maine is to complete a bachelor’s, master’s or dual degree from an ACOTE or AOTA approved school, college or university. There are three schools in the state of Maine where the candidates are offered with the degree courses to become an occupational therapist. You can refer to the list given in this article to get basic information about these centers.

Step 2 – Complete The Internship Or Practicum

A minimum 6 months of clinical program as a practitioner in a clinical setting under the supervision of a registered occupational therapist is a pre-requisite to gain the licensure in this state. Field program enhances the practical knowledge of the work candidates will have to accomplish after becoming a therapist in the state. After the graduation, it is the second condition of board for the applicants of licensure.

Step 3 – Clear The National Certification Exam

Those who dream to gain the licensure as a registered occupational therapist in Maine have to pass the National Certification Exam named as, Occupational Therapist Registered (OTR). It is organized by The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) for the students who want to practice as an occupational therapist in the state. If you clear this exam, you can serve as an occupational therapist anywhere in the country. To clear it, one must score at least 70 percentile in the exam.

Step 4 – Apply For The State License In Maine

After passing the national certification exam, individuals need to apply for the licensure to the state board. For this, you have to submit a completely filled and properly signed application form with the money order or check of $121 for licensure fee. With this, you have to attach some documents like all the official transcripts, verification of certification from NBCOT, verification of supervision, and verification of licensure from all the jurisdictions where you have practiced till date. Board may take some weeks or months for the issue of license after proper verification of the documents.

Step 5 – Maintain The Professional Licensure

Maintenance of licensure is equally important as to gain it from the board of a state. In order to renew the license in Maine, individuals must complete 15 continuing education contact hours every year to qualify for the license renewal at the end of the two-year licensure period.

Salary Of Occupational Therapists In Maine

As per, the salary of an occupational therapist in Maine was $77,000 as of Apr 26, 2016.

Average Salary of Professionals with Similar Job Titles

Occupational Therapist Outpatient$77,000
Occupational Therapist Hand$82,000
Occupational Therapist Pediatric Outpatient$77,000
OT Occupational Therapist Therapy$90,000
Outpatient Occupational Therapist$84,000
Occupational Therapist Rehab$77,000
Occupational Therapist Pediatric$77,000
Occupational Therapist Home Health$84,000
Occupational Therapist Skilled$77,000
Occupational Therapist Psych$77,000
Occupational Therapist School$76,000
Occupational Therapist Rotation$45,000
Occupational Therapist Acute$77,000
OT Occupational Therapy$91,000
Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapy$77,000

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On the analysis of the table above, we can make out that the wage of an OT Occupational Therapy is highest in Maine among all the related jobs titles of occupational therapy with $91,000, while lowest is of Occupational Therapist Rotation with $45,000.

Annual Median Salaries Of OTs In Different Cities Of Maine

Name of the CityAnnual Median Salary
South Portland$83,219

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From the table above, we can make out that occupational therapists in Maine can earn highest i.e. 83,219, in all the cities expect Bangor where they earn the lowest i.e. $73,529.